The story of young teenagers and pupils on Hartvig Nissens upper secondary school in Oslo, and their troubles, scandals and everyday life. Each season is told from a different person's point of view.

Duration: 30 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2015

IMDb: 8.7

Season 1 - Skam
25 Sep 2015
"Eva is her first year at school and has fallen out with her old friends Ingrid and Sara. She only knows her boyfriend Jonas and his friend Isak at school. She gets convinced to go to school party, where she meets several new people."
02 Oct 2015
16 Oct 2015
"Sana and Vilde wants Eva to get in touch with Christoffer in the third year, to get them invited to a party with the third year boys, among them the most popular boy in school William."
23 Oct 2015
"Eva invites Jonas for dinner to meet her mom. Vilde is falling for William, and the girls visits the school doctor to get contraceptives because Vilde has decided she wants to lose her virginity."
30 Oct 2015
"Eva suspects that Jonas is cheating on her with her former friend Ingrid, and meets Isak to talk about it. Vilde reveals details about her and William. The girls go to a Halloween party Christoffer invited them to."
13 Nov 2015
"After kissing Christoffer on Halloween Eva feels guilty, and asks Isak for counsel. Noora wants Vilde to stand up for herself and stop caring for William after he started ignoring her for other girls."
20 Nov 2015
27 Nov 2015
"Eva gets a threatening letter, and Vilde decides to leave the bus crew. Eva is thinking about changing to another school, while trying to find out who wrote the letter."
04 Dec 2015
"The girls start to get worried something is wrong with Vilde. Eva talks with Jonas after not talking for a long time. The girls go to a Christmas party, and Eva decides to confront Isak."
11 Dec 2015
"Vilde reveals that she thinks she may be pregnant. William continues to flirt with Noora. Isak and Eva talk out, and Eva decides to have a heart-to-heart conversation with Jonas."
Season 2 - Skam
11 Mar 2016
"Rumors about her ex Jonas is spreading through school to Eva's dismay. Sana experiences hostility from some of the other Muslim girls at school. Noora can't avoid going on a date she promised William any longer."
18 Mar 2016
"Noora tries to keep the fact that she and William had a date a secret, specially from Vilde. Christoffer and some other of Williams friends has been in a fight. William is hosting a large party in his apartment."
25 Mar 2016
"It is Easter holiday, Noora and the rest of the girls go the cabin belonging to Chris' grandmother. On their way they meet a creepy boy. They also play with an Ouija board and Vilde believes Sana has supernatural abilities."
01 Apr 2016
"Noora is worries that she isn't caring enough about the Syrian refugee crisis. William and his bus crew are raising money they owe after trashing a cabin during Easter, and Noora calls him out on being egotistical."
22 Apr 2016
"William's brother Nikolai has returned to Oslo, and Noora has problems with William not introducing her properly to him. The girls discuss the fact that Jonas has been beaten up. Noora and William see a strange meeting."
29 Apr 2016
"The russ celebration has begun. Noora is still keeping her and William's relationship secret from Vilde. Eskild takes on the case to find out if Isak is gay or not. The girls party with the third year boys in their bus."
06 May 2016
"William tries to explain himself to Noora after he was involved in the fight. Sana gives Noora some advice, and Noora decides to come clean to Vilde. While looking for William, Noora ends up at Nikolais party."
13 May 2016
"Noora wakes up nude in bed with Nikolai not remembering anything from the day before and suspects she has been raped. Sana's problems with some other Muslim girls gets worse."
20 May 2016
"Eskild and Linn try to cheer Noora up, but she is still dealing with last Friday. Noora reluctantly goes to Eva to celebrate May the 17th, the National Day. She also decides to confront Nikolai, to find out exactly what happened."
27 May 2016
"Vilde visits Noora. Noora talks to one of the girls from Nikolai's party to find out the truth. William does not answer Noora's calls and messages and haven't been seen at school."
03 Jun 2016
"Noora and William goes back to Williams apartment, and finds a letter from the police. William is wanted for questioning for hitting a boy with a bottle in a fight. Vilde and Noora tries to make sure no one witness against him."
Season 3 - Skam
07 Oct 2016
"Isak has to hide the drugs belonging to him, Jonas, Mahdi and Magnus at Eva's party when the police arrive, and he struggles to get it back. The first year girl Emma, shows interest in Isak. Isak joins the school revue group."
14 Oct 2016
"In class Isak tries to get his drugs back from Sana. Isak is crushing on Even, and tries to find out more about him. Emma still interested in Isak invites Isak and the boys to a party at hers."
21 Oct 2016
"After ditching the party and lying, Isak have to make amends with his friends, and Emma. Isak is struggling to come to terms with homosexuality and his interest in Even. Vilde gets Isak to hold a party for the school revue at his place."
28 Oct 2016
"Noora returns from London without William, and Isak is wondering how living conditions in the flat will be with four people. Even talks Isak into having a Halloween preparty, with him, his girlfriend and Emma."
04 Nov 2016
"Isak and Even spend time together, and talk about their relationship. Isak have to answer to his friends for ditching his Magnus' birthday that weekend. Isak and Eskild have a talk about homosexuality."
18 Nov 2016
"Emma is still angry at Isak, and Isak is not talking to Even either. Jonas reaches out and offers to talk with Isak about his issues. Because of sleep problem Isak decides to go to the eccentric school \"doctor\"."
25 Nov 2016
"Even is sending Isak some confusing signals, and Isak asks Eskild for advice. Rumors that Isak might be gay is spreading through school. After coming out to Jonas, he encourages Isak to tell Mahdi and Magnus as well."
02 Dec 2016
"Isak's dad wants Isak to answer him about going to a church concert with his mom and him. Sana reluctantly tries to tell Isak she was wrong in previous discussion. Even surprise Isak by booking a hotel suite for them."
09 Dec 2016
"After Even had a manic episode, Isak does some research on bipolar disorder. Issak struggles with getting in touch with Even. Magnus offers some good advice. Isak goes to a church concert with his parents."
16 Dec 2016
"Isak has to take care of Even while he is in a period of depression and get help from Eskild and the other flatmates. Isak hosts a Christmas party for the revue group after Vilde asks him."
Season 4 - Skam
14 Apr 2017
"Sana struggles with being a practicing Muslim and hanging with her friends, specially Vilde discussing her sex life. Sana and the rest of the girls goes to a party with Sanas brother Elias and his friends, Yousef, Mikael, Adam and Mutta."
21 Apr 2017
"Sana shows interest in Yousef, her brother's friend, and gets protective when Noora also shows interest. The girls get a lead on a bus for the Russ celebration. Sana and Vilde want to buy, but Noora thinks it is too expensive."
28 Apr 2017
"Yousef helps Sana prepare dinner and they get to know each other better, and start flirting. Sara and Ingrid asks Sana if they are interested in combining their bus crews, and Sana has to host a bus meeting. Even has a question for Sana."
05 May 2017
12 May 2017
"Sana suspects that Sara is hiding something from her. Sana's mother is worried about her recent behavior, which Sana finds very irritating. Elias then reaches out to Sana and gives her some advice. Everyone gathers for a karaoke party."
26 May 2017
09 Jun 2017
"Sana becomes increasingly anxious about telling the girls the truth behind the Instagram account. By accident, she tells Eva the truth, whereafter Sana becomes devastated. Eva hosts a birthday party, which takes an interesting turn."
16 Jun 2017
"Sana worries about Noora being off radar with William. Noora encourages Sana to make a move on Yousef."
24 Jun 2017
"The point of view of several of the recurring characters are shown, and their lives are explored in the week leading up to Sana's party for Eid."